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Abhishek Raj

Heyyyyyy you, my dear reader! 😊
Please keep your expectations away before reading anything in this space.


On this blog, you’ll find numerous baseless things, which might/mightn't trigger you, it’s okay!

Everything written here is a result of the phase in which Abhishek is/was/will be… 
Hence, thoughts might get updated based on the experiences later or sooner. 📚

I have got an overflow of thoughts, and just documenting those here keeps me more curious, and open to new experiences. 🚀

I can die for words, energy, and effort… 🥹
I try to be humble and a psychopath at the same time…
A few disciplines which keep me sane are: Advertising/Philosophy/Psychology and Writing
I just want a simple life that I can be proud of.

If you’ve got the traits I mentioned above, and find any similarities, let’s catch up! 🫂
Do drop me a text, and if the vibe matches we can go on a road trip… 




Everything is content for me, I observe, I write, and I share.

If you find yourself to be the person, please read and move ahead… 


Love & respect
Abhishek R.

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