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Free Content V/S Actionable Content

Updated: May 19, 2023

Free Content V/S Actionable Content
Free Content V/S Actionable Content

People love to consume FREE content.

They will scroll every possible feed.

You know you can drive them crazy!


Attach a salesy thing to your content.

And they'll say Ta Ta 👋 to you.

You can try by:

Promoting your social handles

Your personalized hashtag

Your blog

In short, your "work."

Then you realize how tough it is to crack a deal or sell a software upgrade.

To make a sale, or to convert a prospect into a customer/client.

Then you move to the next level, from distributing informational content to actionable content.

You manage to use the art of persuasion and emotion.

You try to become more credible.

What kind of content do you produce? 🫠


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