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How to Use Any Social Platform In Your Favour?

Golden Rules of Putting Content Online
How to Use Any Social Platform In Your Favour?

Let me ask a couple of questions:

How to use LinkedIn to get instant success?

Why did you create this account on Linkedin?

I created it because It was a trend to have an account on every platform. Sigh.

But today I've got a different reason.

The day you find your "WHY" all these tools will boost your motivation to achieve that goal.

Likewise, you can use:

Instagram to watch memes and videos

Or to build your brand.

Facebook to comment on political stuff

Or to build a brand, grab a few clients.

Quora to get answers to your problems

Or to build your audience around.

WhatsApp to spam others

Or to make your customer's life easy.

Linkedin, just to read the post or scroll 

Or to {Please fill this gap}

This is your "WHY"

Please write it down and work towards your betterment.

Once you know the reason, It becomes more effortless.

Do you know your WHY?

P.S. There's nothing like instant success. Work for it.

Thanks for reading! 🫂


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