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Must-Have Qualities for Every Digital Marketer or Marketer

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At this time, everyone around you is either an engineer or someone who knows everything about marketing, and the new breed is those who know everything.

This is what the Internet age is like, where half-baked knowledge is the new cool. You don’t have just opinions about everything, but you impose them with confident convictions.

But, it is a great time to be alive and contribute in whatever capacity we can.

Below are certain traits I’ve noticed while being in the marketing field for a while, which I think are qualities that make us understand what we’re doing, and at least give a direction to our thoughts.

There are several important qualities that every digital marketer should have.

Let me put a couple of them for you:

1. Being a human first. Yes, as we’re dealing with more complex things than machines, it is not easy to put ourselves among the masses just because we want. We’ve to make ourselves more convincing to get time in their very short attention span.

2. Creativity & Persuasion. Being creative and coming up with fresh ideas to engage our customers. It is quite relatable even for us as a user because fresh things grab attention out of monotonous life. Persuasion as a skill helps in keeping that interest alive, making them more curious about what we’re talking about

3. Being Knowledgeable. This one is important when every other guy is positioning them as the best in the craft. From my experience, very few people know the craft, but many fancy it in the public. Learning, executing, and then showcasing will put you way ahead of everyone else. This will also help you in staying sane.

4. Being Confident, Passionate, and Curious. It’s self-explanatory with the fast-changing landscape, every other day algorithms, policies, and the platform is changing. Confidence should be built upon experience, passion should come from a perspective that you want to do something big with this skill, and curiosity will help in attaining these all.

5. Marketing and Communication: Dual Existence. Marketing is about having a good conversation with the customer. Writing is one of the key aspects. No matter what you do, you need to write. Learning how to convey your message to people is a key thing to learn.

6. Communication with Authenticity. Authenticity is the rarest thing in today’s market, those who are authentic; survive in the long run, and the rest fall apart. It is also a skill; I guess.

7. Being Collaborative. This is important when you’re new, experienced, or at any phase. If you want to be open to opportunities, you’ve to be willing to collaborate.

8. Life Experiences Make You a Better Marketer. A better marketer is a storyteller, and these stories are purely based on experiences and life lessons. To get better life experiences, I travel a lot or whenever it is possible. I read I learn new things; I try different things, and I fail most of the time.

Well, I have covered almost everything I’ve learned so far in this journey. There are additional belief systems that I’ve procured throughout this journey that might be of your use when you level up from this point.

But, until then, you need to put the effort into gaining the above skills.

I’m just a mail away! 🚀


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