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How Conditioning Matters in Life: A Must Read If You're Stuck

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How Conditioning Matters in Life

Everything lies there in the conditioning, how you have been conditioned throughout.

There is nothing you can do or do not do. 

It is all based on the conditioning you have been through.

If it is favorable for you, helping you to get something, then all okay; move with it.

If it is stopping you, letting you make excuses, and not helping you, then you must get re-conditioned.

There is no predefined path/concept for anything, we fall to all these because a handful of people impose their biases, and we, as naive people, fall for the words also termed as experienced advice. 

The beliefs made at an early age are mostly destructive for future endeavors, as not everyone has a positive environment or access to people who know the real shit.

Remember, your beliefs, aspirations, and goals are based on your mental conditioning, and you start believing based on what you have been told or experienced at a nascent stage. 

It is important to get out of this cocoon as soon as you realize something fishy is going around you and how the world operates...

So in simple words, always believe in the first-hand experience, it opens up so many venues for you.

Thanks for reading! 🫂

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