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Surrogate Advertising Under 01 Minute

Updated: May 19, 2023

Surrogate Advertising
Surrogate Advertising

Men will be Men

But why?

Because we can't market alcohol online!

Why don't infuse creativity, laughter, and lots of memories into establishing a brand image?

After all, marketing drives the universe.

Seagram's Imperial Blue Superhits Music CDs

Do they put so much effort into promoting a Music CD?

A big NO!

They promote our very own Imperial Blue Whisky. lol

Okay, other ads for you:

- Kingfisher (oo la la la le o) why are you humming? 😅

- McDowell's Soda (Ye no. 1 yaari hai)

- Bacardi

- Rajnigandha Silver Pearls

- Haywards 5000 Mineral Water

You must have come across these ads; they try to promote mineral waters, mouth fresheners, sodas, and music CDs.

This is Surrogate Advertising; It is not illegal.

You don't promote the original stuff, but you end up promoting the brand's message.

As advertising alcohol, tobacco, and cigarette are banned in India, brands often find ways to deliver their message subtly.

Or to say, we feel their ad is the same as their product!



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