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Shiny Object Syndrome is the real SOS 🚨

Updated: May 19, 2023

Shiny object syndrome
Shiny object syndrome

If you're not affected, kindly help me out.

What is SOS?

If you keep looking for a better alternative.

You keep searching for newer targets, irrespective of the original goals.

It is like you planned to write on a lifestyle niche.

Soon you come to know about SEO, and then you started giving It a second thought.

Why not write on SEO?

Then you switched from lifestyle to SEO to digital marketing.

(every previous dream is incomplete)

The project gets started with a bang, but all the enthusiasm gets shattered in the long term.

Because one starts looking for another Shiny idea or dream.

There's a difference between exploring your purpose and shifting from places.

Reasons why we feel so:

- We compare ourselves with others.

- We compare our month of hard work with someone's 5 Yrs. of experience.

- We want quick fame and money, of course.

How to avoid SOS:

- Set realistic goals

- Work towards your betterment, don't try to fit in someone else's shoes.

- There's nothing like a quick-to-rich, fame scheme.

Keep track of your progress; give growth some time.

Analyze your efforts, and give yourself a treat.


How do you overcome this problem?


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